Athletic Mouthwear

Athletic Mouthwear

Athletic Mouthwear


There are three types of mouthguards available:
1. stock/ready made
2. Boil and bite
3. Custom- made by a dentist

All three types of mouthguards provide protection but differ in comfort and cost.



Mouth protectors are recommended for anyone participating in any recreational activity that might cause injury to the mouth.

Generally, mouthguards cover the upper teeth and act to cushion blows to the jaw, thereby reducing injuries to soft tissues, face, jaw, broken teeth and tooth loss. They may also decrease the incidence and severity of concussions.

A properly fitted mouthguard should stay in place while wearing it and should not restrict speech or breathing. It should be comfortable, durable, tear-resistant, and easy to clean.

Care for your mouthguard is simple. Rinse it with cold water before and after each use. It can be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Mouthguards will wear out over time. They should be checked for tears, holes, and if they become loose. Most children will need to have them replaced yearly due to changes occurring in their mouths.